Whisky Iceball Maker

Whisky Iceball Maker is the next generation of The Original Whiskey Ball. The easy to use tray makes 4 jumbo ice cubes that are the largest in its class, measuring 5.5cm in diameter. Silicone rubber bottoms allow easy removal ice balls. No more twisting, banging, and running under water to get the ice ball out. The Whisky Iceball Maker tray is stackable so you can make large batches and can store ice balls for when you need it.
Makes four (4) jumbo ice balls at a time
Ice balls measure 4cm in diameter
Built in funnels and water fill lines
Stackable design
Flexible bottom for easy ice ball removal
Store ice balls for future use

  • $2.56Product cost
  • $19.99Suggested selling price
  • $17.43Profit margin
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