Vintage Ear Cuff Earrings

Get the uniquely stunning look with no piercing needed!
Our Vintage Ear Cuff Earrings is a pair of non-piercing, clip-on hoop earrings with a vintage design that gives you an elegant and unique look which they are super comfy for all-day wearing.
These distinctive, fashion-forward earrings are easy and comfortable to wear, they will enhance your attire and look for any day and any age.
Comes with a wrap-around design that hooks onto your ear. It’s simple and understated but gives you a classic and sophisticated look. The earrings are made from high quality and hypoallergenic materials which are safe to wear for all skin types.
Painless Non-Piercing Design:
Let you enjoy the beauty and elegance of wearing earrings, and avoid discomfort, pain, or infection caused by piercing and earlobe dropping.
Unique & Elegant:
Designed with vintage style and glimmering curves, adding uniqueness to your look while it could easily matching with different outfits.
Lightweight Design:
Gracefully curves around the cartilage with its lightweight design, you get to wear it on your ears for the whole day comfortably.
Safe & Hypoallergenic:
Made from premium electroplated gold and zircon stones. No infections or allergies will be caused, even perfect for sensitive skin.
Suitable For All Occasions:
Perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions like parties, clubbing, weddings, and more.
Material: Gold gilded brass
Style: Pearl, Black Crystal, Green Crystal, Blue Crystal, Red Crystal
1 Pair Vintage Ear Cuff Earrings

  • $3.58Product cost
  • $19.98Suggested selling price
  • $16.40Profit margin
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