USB Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Photocatalysis Mute Home LED Insect Trap

Are you annoyed by mosquitoes?

They aren’t just annoying, they spread killer diseases and considered as the world’s deadliest animal infecting an estimated 700K people worldwide annually and resulting in about 1 million deaths.


Protecting you and your loved ones from mosquitoes is easier and safer than ever with the Mosquito Terminator! It uses UV light that mimics the heat and light coming from the human body, thus, attracting mosquitoes across 1 Acre without using harmful chemicals.

When mosquitoes approach the trap, a powerful yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks them into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die.

Keep your home and family safe from mosquitoes with Mosquito Terminator now! It has been scientifically proven to effectively kill a broad range of mosquito species and other bloodsucking insects.

Just simply plug, turn on, and let the Mosquito Terminator do all the work of exterminating pesky mosquitoes for you!

Automatic – Serves as a stand where you can place in a room, and it will automatically attract and kill the insects.
Effective – Powerfully attracts and traps mosquitoes, flies, gnats, flies, wasps, beetles and much more.
Quiet – No high-voltage electric and no zapping sounds, eliminates insects quietly!
Safe – Banish all insects without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals.
Durable – Made of industrial grade materials that are built to last.

  • $9.99Product cost
  • $32.99Suggested selling price
  • $23.00Profit margin
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