Unbreakable wooden Man Magic Toy

The magic puppet toy won’t be broken!Even if it is knocked down and collapsed, it will stand up again and return to its original state.
Take it and play with your children,or show your friends this amazing treasure at a party!
Let them sigh with your wonderful magic!

Exquisite Design: It moves as if the spectator watches CG animation, exquisite design, exquisite appearance, magic remodelling, easy to attract children and adults attention, is a great and magical gift for them.
Amazing Remodelling: A Funny and unique magic with traditional toy, even it is knocked down and collapsed, it magically re-shapes (re-builds).
Surprise Performance: It is required some distance between you (performer) and spectator (audience) because of the nature of the gimmick, bringing more surprises and surprises to the viewer.
High-quality Materials and Interactive Games: Made of high quality and durable wood material, long-lasting and comfortable to use, suitable for parent-child interactive games and interactive games between friends, bringing more joy.
Thinking Exploration Ability: This wooden educational toy can mobilize the child’s brain, let him think about how wooden toy blocks can not play toys, enhance children’s thinking ability and mobility, and improve their self-exploration ability.
Doll: 3cm × 9.7cm
Hammer: 10cm
Package Includes:1 × Unbreakable wooden Man Magic Toy

  • $2.99Product cost
  • $12.99Suggested selling price
  • $10Profit margin
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