Toy Storage Bag

Ever wish there was a quick & easy way to store toys?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to quickly store toys away without leaving a mess and all in a matter of seconds?

-Revolutionary toy storage at its finest, featuring a built-in play mat that doubles as a play area for sorting toys and allows toys to slide in and out of the basket. Perfect for storing LEGOs, magnatiles, hot Wheels, barbie dolls and more.

-Makes cleaning up a five-second job. Little ones love having a play space for their toys while parents love having everything contained and cleaned up.

-Features a built-in 52″ playmat that allows kids to spread their toys out on – ensuring they find that pink car or green magnatile they were looking for.

How To Use?
Pull the playmat out of the basket
Spread out the playmat
Using the handle at the bottom of the basket you can dump the toys out onto the mat for hours of fun!

The two-inch lip around the playmat helps keep the toys contained in the hopes that they don’t end up spread all over the entire room. With a play mat this large, multiple kids can play at the same time.

  • $14.99Product cost
  • $35.99Suggested selling price
  • $21.00Profit margin
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