Tie-on Faucet Organizer

Helps to keep kitchen and sink organized
Tidy way to stay organized and keep accessories within reach
Lifts your sponge out of the water ?
reducing mildew smell
eliminates food residue collecting on cleaning utensils ?
This faucet organizer will not only help to organize your accessories, but it will also help to keep your sponges fresh longer. This organizer serves as a home for your sponge, so it’s not on the bottom of your sink with all the rest of the bacteria. Get this faucet Organizer and live a more hygienic lifestyle!

Water can easily flow through ?
Basket can be disassembled for cleaning
14.5 x 24.5cm (5.7 x 9.6 inches)

  • $2.98Product cost
  • $16.99Suggested selling price
  • $14.01Profit margin
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