The Name Stamp

Put your name on your clothes and never lose them again!
We know it’s a hard mission to manage the clothes of your family. You waste too much time trying to figure out what clothing belongs to what child.
That’s why we created TheNameStamp – the one-of-a-kind custom name stamp that will make it easier for you to separate the family members’ clothing after laundry.
Save Time
Stamp your name on anything in one second.
Just place the stamp, click on it, that’s all!
Save Money
TheNameStamp is a multi-use stamp, you can use it thousands of times.
The ink stays on the clothing for up to 50 washes!
Save Earth
TheNameStamp is re-usable, you can re-fill the ink anytime. No more waste of plastic.
One more thing, it’s waterproof!

  • $4.98Product cost
  • $24.98Suggested selling price
  • $20.00Profit margin
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