The Magic Flying Butterfly

This product is a flying magic butterfly, the operation method is simple, the left hand holding the butterfly tail do not move, the right hand turning butterfly’s head 40 or so, when the butterfly already has the ability to fly Oh, you also release Hands, you can see the butterflies dancing, fun and fun, interested to hurry to order it, welcome your presence. This product a total of 4 colors, the picture is taken in kind.

The seven magic effects of this product are:

1, the resurrection of butterflies
Shred and restore the butterfly paper, so that the butterfly flew out from the paper.

2, hand transformation
The caterpillar (butterfly larvae) into the hands, making it suddenly become a flying butterfly.

3, the freedom of the butterfly
A few butterflies were changed from one bank note.

4, the vitality of the page
From the pages to change more than butterflies.

5, butterfly works
A few butterflies flew from an empty scarf.

6, the magic box
An empty box to change the only fly butterfly ~

7, flying poker

  • $2.20Product cost
  • $14.99Suggested selling price
  • $12.79Profit margin
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