The InfiniteX Dodecahedron Color Art Light

Witness an Infinite Abyss of Beautiful Geometry & Color
High-Grade Design:
Housed in an anodized aluminum dodecahedron frame, the InfiniteX™ Lamp features bespoke 2-way glass mirrors and 960 LEDs that result in stunning 3D lighting artwork.
Perfect For Any Scene:
The InfiniteX™ Lamp is perfect as a gift and fits any scenario or aesthetic: as a home decor piece, mood lighting for photography/videography, meditation, and more!
Adjustable Dimming & Color:
Change up the vibe whenever you want with the included wireless controller for the perfect dim and color that fits your mood.
Quality & Durability Guaranteed:
The InfiniteX™ Lamp is not only beautifully designed but durably built to last. You’re guaranteed a free exchange or refund within 30 days!
Material: Anodized Aluminum + Glass
Size: 25x30x25cm

  • $10.53Product cost
  • $29.53Suggested selling price
  • $19Profit margin
Available info:

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