Talking Hamster

The must-have toy of the season! This thing is fun for adults, kids, and pets alike!

Our Sassy Hamster will repeat anything, and we mean anything, you say in its own cute little critter voice! Super high pitch and funny sounding- it’ll be sure to have you rolling with laughter!

The original hilariously funny gift!

Three color options available, 100% cotton exterior… super soft and cuddly!

It’ll repeat any noise, voice, or song it hears!
Bops head up and down and loves to move around too!
Crazy easy to use, simply switch it own and it’s time to play!
Get Yours Today & Start Having Fun Immediately!

  • $19.99Product cost
  • $49.99Suggested selling price
  • $30.00Profit margin
Available info:

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