T-tap cable connectors

An Easy Way To Repair Your Wires!
By using Quick Wire Connectors Kit you can easily repair your broken wires in a professionals way.
TAP INTO ANY WIRE WITH EASE ā€“ Wirefy Self Stripping Electrical T Tap Connectors will tap into any wire without needing to cut, strip or solder. Mid-span wiretapping has never been easier before.
VERSATILE KIT – PCS T-Tap Wire Connectors + PCS Male Quick Disconnects will last for numerous wiring projects. Marine, automotive, scientific, home wiring projects – you name it. Wirefly T TAP connector kit will allow you to quickly tap into any 22-10 gauge wire.
THICK TINNED COPPER CONTACTS ā€“ Thicker tinned copper contacts will not bend even when tapping into thicker wires.
QUALITY TTAP CONNECTOR HOUSING ā€“ Quick splice T Tap connectors will securely lock on the wire. Plastic housing will not open after it has snapped on the wire.
PERFECTLY FITTING MALE QUICK DISCONNECTS – Nylon male disconnects have been designed to lock tightly on the T Tap connectors to prevent sliding out.
Wire Range: 22-18 AWG(Red) / 18-14 AWG(Blue) / 12-10 AWG(Yellow)
Maximum Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit): 221 Degree Fahrenheit
Maximum Recommended Voltage Rating: 600 V
Material: Nylon, Copper tin plating

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  • $15.72Suggested selling price
  • $14Profit margin
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