Steel Band Watch Splitter

STEEL BAND WATCH SPLITTER:The new watch must be too long; Or as the season changes, the strap worn on the hand will also loosen accordingly. Therefore, watch splitter is your ideal choice.
NOTE:That the watch belt must first make sure that the watch belt particles are not by screws but by nails or hairpins loaded.
PREFERRED WORKMANSHIP:Precise and orderly production with layers of processes.
THIMBLE:Original steel thimble, long life and durable.
Usage Scenarios
Warehouse / Home.
Using Methods
1. Unscrew the handle of the meter splitter.
2. Put the watch strap into the “slot” of the meter splitter.
3. Alignment to remove the watchband between the card needle, the handle on the disconnector and push out the card needle.

  • $1.82Product cost
  • $17.95Suggested selling price
  • $16.13Profit margin
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