Squid Game Boss/Killer Mask

Do you want to be the brightest star at the Cosplay? Do you want to be in the spotlight at the cosplay event? This realistic Squid Game Masked man mask can help you do that!
Squid Game mask there are four styles, the same style for the man in red (triangle, round, square), and the same black mask as the supervillain Boss. Choose your favorite style and cosplay your favorite figure on the TV.
The Squid Game mask is made of soft silicone material, delicate design, Highly restored character Props in the TV Series, fits most adults.
There are no obstacles in your sight and breathing. You can see clearly through the small hole of the mask. It is comfortable and breathable. This will add more joy.
This squid game costume is a good choice for your relatives and friends. Use this realistic mask to create your unique style, which is different in front of your friends.
Perfect for Halloween, cosplay costumes, masquerade parties, costume parties, Carnival, Christmas, Easter, theme party, etc.

  • $7.80Product cost
  • $23.99Suggested selling price
  • $16.19Profit margin
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