Soft Flat Head Toilet Brush

Brand new design, able to clean any corner of the toilet

PP material and TPR material
Soft and convenient
It can clean any corner of the toilet
Hollow base design for easy water filtration

The flat toilet brush head has better toughness. Brush head can be bend freely, which can depend the cleaning of the gap and the position of the dead corner, such as the under- rim section.

The base of the toilet brush is suspended and ventilated, which allows the toilet brush to dry and drain more easily. Its ventilation design can also make the toilet brush cleaner and more hygienic.

Toilet brush handle is made of strong sturdy and waterproof PP silicone material.

Not only for toilet bowls, Sellemer Toilet Brush can also be used to clean sink, wash basins and bathtubs! Thanks to silicone bristles, Sellemer Toilet Brush has stronger friction than traditional toilet brushes, spending less time and less strength cleaning ceramic objects.

  • $4.60Product cost
  • $18.90Suggested selling price
  • $14.30Profit margin
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