Shower Thermometer

No batteries required £º The device harvests its energy from the water flow Quick and easy installation without any tools. Adding a voltage regulator (2.8v-5v) to prevent the water pressure from being too high to burn off the thermometer’s circuit board, and also prevent the water pressure from being too low to work. (Applicable water pressure range: 0.04-0.08Pa)
Easy to Install £º Connects to standard 1/2″ hose, easy to install and remove, portable size. £¨Tips: please make sure your hose is able to be dissembled before order. £©The installation mostly can be finished in 5 minutes. Features of 360¡ã Rotatable Display for easy viewing temperature from any angle.
Elegant design £º high quality bathroom thermometer is ideal for home use, even the bathroom of a five-star hotel. Buy it now to serve and surprise your husband, wife or kids. (Especially for families having toddlers or babies)

  • $11.59Product cost
  • $29.99Suggested selling price
  • $18.40Profit margin
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