Self Defense Keychain

This looks like a simple harmless keychain, but it allows you to swing away with speed while producing a crushing force that will devastate the person wishing to cause you harm.

The thick threaded core and dual thread paracord ends make this monkey fist the sturdiest and most reliable ever created.
Now, you don’t need to worry about your safety. You will surely feel safe wherever you go by wearing this self defense device.


It can be used as a self-defense tool to deter an attacker.
It can be attached to your key lanyard, necklace, zipper, or backpack, etc.
You can knit again if you don’t like a loose fit on your wrist.
It’s perfect for daily wear or for camping, traveling, adventuring, or other outdoor activities.
It has the advantages of corrosion resistance.


Materials: Solid Ball, Military Umbrella Rope
Available Colors: Black, Green, Camouflage Blue, Camouflage Rainbow Color, Purple, Camouflage Grey, Camouflage Green
Size: 24*3.4cm

  • $2.45Product cost
  • $16.99Suggested selling price
  • $14.54Profit margin
Available info:

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