Seamless Hip Padded Panties

Seamless Padded Butt Hip guarantees you ultimate comfort.

As long as it’s your size, you’ll definitely feel comfortable and at ease putting on this product. As with the other products above, once you put on this padded panties, you’ll notice a change instantly.

It’s easy to wear any day, anytime. The Women’s Seamless Padded Butt Hip Enhancer Shaper Panties Underwear Underpants is equipped with contour foam that will give you a natural and curvaceous butt.

It is also seamless, which means it disappears when you wear any other garment on it. This product is the perfect one for you if you want to enhance your behind.


1. This butt lifter can instantly make your butts look bigger and more beautiful.
2. Natural looking padded panty that’s pre-shaped with contour foam to resemble a curvaceous bottom
3. Great for jeans, dresses or other pants. Easy way to wear it everyday for dating, social outgoing, dancing, etc.

  • $7.29Product cost
  • $23.95Suggested selling price
  • $16.66Profit margin
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