Retro Metal ash jar Ten Thousand Match Lighter

Useful ash jar lighter,multifunction ash jar,the flint fire starter can be use thousands of time
Just a flick, flames appear immediately
No matter how you shake the flame, it won’t go out
Insert it into the hole and the flame will go out
Refillable, use the same way as ordinary kerosene lighters
Metal material, high quality and classical shape, groove design主图-3
Suitable for assemble ash decorations, collectibles, gifts for friends
Condition: 100% Brand New & High Quality
Material: metal
Size: 11.3*9.9*4.7cm
Weight: 236g
Color: Gold, Black, Blue
Fill the fuel: Kerosene oil
Filled with gas type: kerosene
Packing list:
1 Kerosene Lighter Ashtray

  • $7.09Product cost
  • $26.95Suggested selling price
  • $19.86Profit margin
Available info:

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