Quick Dry UV Nail Gel

Our Quick Dry UV nail gel is shaking up the nail game! This heavily sought-after nail polish gel is for all you fashionistas out there! With this nail gel, you will be able to get them done well and in a blink of an eye!
*Note. The product shown in the demonstration video was with our first generation brand “Trinity”. We have now developed the brand Vena Lisa with even greater results!

If applied correctly, you will have 2 – 3.5 WEEKS of intact wear
Nail enthusiasts have raved about the colour performance of these nail gels
Our nail gels have no smell, are non-toxic and are environmentally friendly
For proper curing, please cure under nail led/UV lamp
Time for curing: Under an LED lamp it will take 30-60 secs, UV lamp 2-4 min
How to use:

Prepare nails by cleaning and trimming the nail surface. As per a normal manicure process, push back cuticles.
Apply the base coat to nails; use UV lamp to cure for 30 seconds
Directly apply the gel polish; use UV lamp to cure for 2-3 minutes or use an LED lamp for 60 secs. After drying, apply a second layer and cure with the UV or LED lamp again
Apply the top coat nail polish, which will ensure the colour looks even more striking, then use your UV or LED lamp to cure
Using a cotton ball soaked with cleanser, remove the tacky surface
How to remove:

Using acrylic remover, soak your nails for about 5 minutes
Remove the entire piece of nail enamel gently

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  • $14.85Profit margin
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