Pro Wheel Rim Protector

Flashy car rims are one of the warmest trends of today, which is getting popular gradually. The Wheel Edge Rim Protectors are the best protection you can install on your rims.

Protects the rims from curb scrapes
Strong Adhesion
Do it yourself professional install
Fit in minutes
Fit most Wheel Rims
It is soft and will not damage the car surface
Can be used as decor strip
Cost effective and saves time from changing rims or repairing damages from accidents

Now, you can decorate your wheel’s rim with exciting colored Pro Wheel Rim Protector that give a hip look to your car. Pro Wheel Rim Protector doesn’t only protect your wheel’s rim but also an essential thing for your car’s interior. This 8M long protection strip can be easily pasted 5 rounds around the wheel’s rim. This flashy sticker saves the edges of your hub and lasting colors don’t fade easily.
Wheel Edge Rim Protectors

You can save money from wheel rim damages. Mount the protection it needs, to anticipate those inevitable scratches, especially from those unexpected curbs. Scrapes are expected which is why it’s a smart move for even the most careful driver.

So, get ready to stun other by installing this flashy sticker to the exterior decoration of your car chrome wheel’s rim.


Clean up the area where the strip is to be installed. Make sure it’s dry and that no dirt or oil on the surface.
Wipe the edge of the wheel hub with alcohol and let it dry.
Once the surface is ready, check where to place the strip and to estimate the length you need.
Press the strip firmly once it is ready to be installed. Carefully remove the protective paper at the back of the strip.
Slowly move along the edge where the strip is to be placed while pulling protective paper along.
Cut the excess strip and give another firm press to ensure the whole strip is properly installed.
Protects the rims
Flashy car rims
car wheel rims
car rim protector
car wheel rims tuneup trends


Let it dry up for at least 3 hours.
Do not wash your wheels using high-pressure cleaners.
Avoid fast driving within 24 hours upon installation.

  • $3.43Product cost
  • $24.95Suggested selling price
  • $21.52Profit margin
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