Portable Mini Chair Wireless Charger With Speaker

Creative chair shape, unique and novel, you can choose the horizontal or vertical position for wireless charging /phone stand function.
Suitable for most mobile phones on the market,Charging performance increased by more than 20%, compatible with all qi products.
Super high external sound quality, High-efficiency charging, and multiple protection.
Chair shape, ergonomic visual design standards, perfect for face recognition, watching movies, texting, hands-free calling, live chat
Increase fan cooling, let the phone cool down, keep fast charging, improve charging efficiency.
It can be used as a mobile phone stand. It can be used as home decorations.
Charging function: QI standard
Output: 10W
Material: ABS
Input range: 9V / 1.67A, 5V / 2A
Power output: 10W
Charging frequency: 105-205 KHz
Conversion rate: 80%
Charging distance: 4-8mm
Size: 140 * 96 * 95mm

  • $10.06Product cost
  • $25.06Suggested selling price
  • $15Profit margin
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