Pop-up Christmas Tree

Instant Beautiful Christmas Tree Anywhere In Your House in Seconds!
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Christmas will be happier and merrier inside our homes especially when it’s planned with the right and wonderful ornaments. Sometimes, it is enjoyable to decorate yourself, but most of the times, it is frustrating.

Now you can decorate your homes and create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere, hassle-free with this Pop-up Christmas Trees! These Christmas Trees are easy to install and can stand in just minutes!

With its sequin design and twinkling artificial leaves, this Christmas tree will stand out in your living rooms, bedrooms, theater room or any space in your home. Also made to last and easily be stored for the next years to come. Ideal for the coming holiday season.


Made with eco-friendly materials
Durable and easy to store
With twinkling and reflective artificial plastic leaves so no need for spare string lights
Can be installed in just a couple of minutes with its POP-UP feature
Comes in different colors

Material: PVC
Size (Approx.): 1.2m, 1.5m
Weight (Approx.): 1.2m: 800g; 1.5m: 900g.
Package Includes

1 x Pop-up Christmas Trees

  • $19.07Product cost
  • $59.99Suggested selling price
  • $40.92Profit margin
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