Perfect Circle Shape Cutter

This Perfect Circle Shape Cutter can help you cut circular shapes on various crafting materials with precision and ease! It features a rotary tool with two cutter heads and adjustable measuring channels that cut a perfect 360 degree angle.
This small but handy tool is lightweight, durable, and easy to use. It’s built with a blade shutter to let you flip the lock into a safe position to cut the circles. The blades are ultra-sharp and can cut small and big circles. Perfect for all your DIY projects!
Perfect circle cutter – Rotary tool with cutter heads that cuts big and small circular shapes on any crafting material easily and accurately.
Wide application – Cuts through cardboard, printing paper, photo paper, composite paper, kraft paper, special paper, optical film, and so on.
Safe and easy – Comes with a blade glider and accurate measuring channels that’s adjustable. Lets you loosen and tighten the lock safely before cutting.
Sharp and durable – Made with high-quality materials and ultra-sharp blade that cuts smoothly through crafting materials.
Portable – Small sized and handy for convenient carry and use anywhere.
Multipurpose – Simple paper-cutter for DIY arts and crafts, office, home and school use.
Material: ABS + Steel
Cutting diameter: 10.3 to 33.5 cm
Size: 22 x 7 cm
Color: Green or Orange (Random)

  • $4.53Product cost
  • $19.95Suggested selling price
  • $15.42Profit margin
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