Pearl Cover Up Brooch Buttons Set

✨The fashionable way to stay modest!✨
Not liking your top’s loose neckline? Close it up with style using our Pearl Cover Up Brooch Buttons Set! Classy, practical, and convenient, this accessory keeps your tops securely closed to prevent accidental exposure while still looking stylish.
It offers an effortless fix in assorted sets while doubling as decorative pins to upgrade plain outfits. They’re expertly crafted from premium materials, ensuring it stays vibrant and polished. This versatile brooch is the perfect accessory for any occasion.
Cover-Up Brooch – Keeps your tops neatly closed to prevent accidental exposure while looking stylish.
Effortless Fix – No need to sew on additional buttons or snaps to fix loose necklines.
Pin-On Decor – Doubles as decorative pins, upgrading plain outfits with classy style.
Versatile Wear – Styles up outfits for any occasion like weddings, dinners, meetings, or just daily wear.
Assorted Set – Comes in a set of multiple brooch buttons with different designs for a new look every day.
Premium Material – Using premium faux pearls and durable metal alloy, it’ll stay vibrant and polished for a long time.
Material: Faux Pearl, Metal Alloy
Style: As shown
Product Includes
1 x Pearl Cover Up Brooch Buttons Set

  • $2.26Product cost
  • $15.95Suggested selling price
  • $13.69Profit margin
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