Newborn Baby Sleep Fixed Position And Anti Roll Pillow

The Ultimate Vent Sleep System combines the benefits of a crib wedge and a vented sleep positioner to provide your baby a comfortable and firm night’s rest.
The crib wedge is designed to help digestion and ease breathing and the air vent bumpers help keep your little one cool and snug.
Mesh material is soft to the touch and also allows air to pass through to help reduce the risk of overheating, making a cozy area for your little one to sleep peacefully
You should know:
1.Ultimate Vent Sleep System is used for the recommended back sleeping position only.
2.Cradles your baby comfortably while sleeping or resting.
3.Crib wedge feature elevates baby’s head to help ease breathing enhance digestion, and reduce reflux.
4.”Turn Head” tab encourages caregivers to turn infant’s head each night, helping to reduce the risk of flat head syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly).
5.Tab functions as a reminder of baby’s previous head position. Switch position of tab each evening to ensure that baby’s head is alternated daily.
6.Air vent bumpers provide constant air flow to help reduce risk of overheating while sleeping.
7.Fully adjustable for snug fit and longer use as your baby grows.
8.Curved bumpers conform to baby’s natural shape.
9.Combines firm foam support for comfort
10.Cradle Your Baby In Comfort & Support
11.Sleeping pad positioned higher than the other parts of the head, can help smooth the baby’s breathing and can help digestion, reduce the incidence of spits.
12.Sleeping mats made of 100% cotton velvet, machine washable, soft and comfortable to ensure your baby’s comfort, the curved armrests can prevent the baby from slipping off the mattress.
13.Special structural design can try baby smoother breathing and digestion.
14.In the baby will turn when the mother is not afraid of being baby will fall away.
15.Parents can protect the baby in the bed from the extrusion, but also with a pillow shape, can prevent the baby sleep pulls out of bed.
16.Within three months of newborn babies, unable to control the position of the head and neck muscles, sleeping head easily favor one party, often leading to shortness of breath, and skull developmental asymmetry;
17.You should use a thin, but there are head position depression pillow shape to meet the needs of infant development.
18.More than three months of the baby, the physiological cervical spine appears bent forward, accelerate the growth of the trunk, shoulders widened.
19.This requires the pillow can be a good help prop her neck, to ensure blood flow and neck lordosis formation.
20.This is a comfortable support when baby sleeps.
21.Crib wedge feature elevates baby’s head to help ease breathing.
22.Patented curved bumpers conform to baby’s natural shape when side sleeping.
23.Suitable for babies between 0-4 months
Do not use for infant under 6 lbs (2.72kg).
Once your baby begins to move around during sleep, the Sleep Positioner should no longer be used.
Consider your physician other considering the appropriate sleeping positions for your infant.
Not bleach washing in cold water, dry up and so on, natural dry.

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