New Fishing Frog Lure Set 4 PCS/SET

Fishing is not easy, choosing a good fishing lure bait hook is also an essential aspect you should high quality material, durable enough for using a long time. Another feature is this fish hook is ultra long and ultra weight, easy to down into water. The fish shaped fishing bait is a kind of special bait with like real fish appearance, and then it can tempt the attention of fishes. If you are a fishing enthusiast, choose this fish hook will not let you down, it will bring you much fun.

1. They create life-like swimming actions in water
2. Smooth and rapid diving action
3. Bright colors to attract big fish!
4. 3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool
5. Each comes with 2 sharp treble hooks

  • $2.72Product cost
  • $9.95Suggested selling price
  • $7.23Profit margin
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