New 5 In 1 Hair Air Wrap Styler

Your hair is drawn into the hair wrap where it is heated to create perfect curls and waves every time! The innovative design prevents tangles and burning, so you can curl/straighten your hair without any worries.
Your Complete Airwrap Hair Styler!
Unlike most cheap brands on the market, our hair wrap is equipped with our proprietary technology (Coanda effect) to enhance your curls while making sure your hair does not get damaged in the process
You don’t need to do much activity, our hair curler will take care of your styling. Just place it near your combed hair & voila! here’s your perfect curl. It’s also pretty handy, you can easily carry it when traveling.
Ionic technology is better and kinder for your hair, so it helps to reduce damage. The negative ions seal your hair, closing off broken hair cuticles and smoothing out split ends.
These ions also lock in moisture so your hair is better hydrated and generally dries quicker than using a regular hairdryer.
Perfect for Every Hair
We present the best hair styling device that works beautifully on all types of hair textures. With different temperature modes & speed adjustment options, it lets you create different styles on different hair textures.
how to use it?
1- Hold a handful of slightly wet or non-ripping water hair & move our 5 in 1 Hair Wrap vertically all over you.
2- Your hair gets styled with the flow of air. Move the device towards your hair root & hold for 8-10 seconds to get the desired wave.
3- Switch on cold air mode & keep it on for 5 seconds to get the final look.

  • $36.72Product cost
  • $59.72Suggested selling price
  • $23Profit margin
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