Natural Collagen Fruit Face Mask Machine

Never again buy a mask from the store with the natural fruit collagen face mask machine! It literally prints masks right in front of your eyes.

Advanced intelligent voice broadcasting for tips and say good bye to dumb mask machine: With intelligent voice broadcasting function, you know clearly what to do in the process of making mask,making it an easy and interesting way to make you beautiful. No more to explore the hard process with traditional dumb mask machine.
Environmentally friendly ,healthy and safe mask machine. The mask is made from purified water, fruit juice and collagen with FDA certified.So it is healthy, environmentally friendly and safe for you to shine your skin without any worry about side effect.Just enjoy the natural mask and the skin massage.
Easy to clean and quiet in use and clean With one key to clean the machine, you dont need to take apart the machine,all you need is to pull into the water and push the button to let it clean automatically. Also you can make masks with different fruit juice continuously without a break of cleaning the machine. Besides, it is quiet during the process of making masks and cleaning.
Different masks for different needs According to the skin shiny need , you can choose to make Fruit and vegetable mask, grain mask, tea mask, essential oil mask, milk mask, red wine mask, compound effect mask with different natural and healthy ingredients.
FDA-certified original collagen protein Comes with 32 FDA-certified original collagen protein,the item is really a must for you to shine and care your skin.All the collagen protein are edible,so buy with confidence,without any worry about the side effect of the protein.

  • $53.44Product cost
  • $99.99Suggested selling price
  • $46.55Profit margin
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