Motorcycle Helmet LED Stripe Light

Fine-tune your color scheme to perfectly match your gear and bike.
General DIY striped stickers for motorcycle helmets, suitable for various motorcycle helmets and bicycle helmets. The control box can be easily installed on the helmet without damaging the surface the helmet.
ENSURE SAFETY–The Night Riding LED light could be used as a Turn signal light, which is attached to a motorcycle helmet for warning effect, it is quite obvious especially in foggy, rainy, or snowy weather, or at night or in a dark environment. Bright light stands out on the road, which ensures your safety. This is a Helmet motorcycle light, Motorcycle Helmet Wire Strobe Light Kits.
HIGH QUALITY–High-quality material with waterproof design, the helmet LED light can not be easily corroded, it is flexible and has high-temperature resistance.
UNIVERSAL FIT–This helmet LED light is Universal for all kinds of motorcycles in the market. Motorcycle helmet light strip, motorcycle helmet lighting kit.
EASY TO USE–Waterproof, low power consumption. Has long service life under normal temperature, shockproof. Use 3M double-sided adhesive, easy to clean after peeling off.
LOW CONSUMPTION–High light but low power consumption, no heat or UV created, and no electromagnetic radiation.

  • $10.10Product cost
  • $29.10Suggested selling price
  • $19Profit margin
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