Mini Kalimba

🎹Bring out the inner musician in you!🎼
Create serenading sounds that will delight your day with a magic music box right in the palm of your hands even if you don’t have any musical background. This exquisite Mini Kalimba Thumb Piano contains a total of 8 keys and is a magic music box that can produce soothing, calming, and attractive sounds. An ideal gift for music lovers. Perfect for kids and adults to use, small in size, and compact. Handmade with premium quality materials and uncomplicated to tune and to use.
Easy Learning, Pleasant Play
It can be mastered in a short time. For children and adult beginners, the mini kalimba is a good choice.
Convenient To Play And Enjoy Music
There is no music foundation, only two thumbs can make a beautiful sound. The thumb piano can also be played with other instruments, such as ukulele, guitar, etc.
Armrest Curve Design And Curved Keys
ergonomic design and beautiful polishing effect provide a more comfortable and convenient experience. The sharp teeth of the keys are engraved with notes, which are more conducive to hand-eye coordination than other self-adhesive notebook thumb pianos, and are not easy to fall off.
Clever Design
8 keys to engrave notes, you can play directly without stickers, especially suitable for children, adults, beginners, and professionals.
The finger harp is small and cute, making it the best musical gift for children, family, and friends.
Material: Wood+Fixture
Style: Wood/Crystal
Weight: 100G
Size: 8*6*3(cm)
1 * Mini Kalimba

  • $3.37Product cost
  • $22.98Suggested selling price
  • $19.61Profit margin
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