Military Work Boots

Safety? Nailed it. A durable, comfortable and convenient boot that’s been protecting workers for years, the Joe Toleman Safety Boots is for anyone who wants a lightweight, good-looking work boot that doesn’t compromise on safety. Congratulations, you found your soulmate. A good pair of boots is a lot like your trusty toolbox. These steel toe Joe Toleman Safety Boots have been up-armored for added durability and protection. They go with you wherever you need to get work done. They can take a beating without getting worn down quickly. If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that won’t let you down, look no further than Joe Toleman Safety Boots. Hammered down safety. Joe Toleman Safety Boots are made especially for construction and trades. Made for long-term wear, they have a canvas fabric upper and a genuine rubber sole for extra resistance against hardcore scrapes. A great general use work boot that won’t let you

  • $27.98Product cost
  • $64.98Suggested selling price
  • $37.00Profit margin
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