Microwave Plate Cover

Hate the mess when microwaving your food?
This reliable Microwave Plate Cover will avoid a “murder scene” when microwaving especially greasy foods that create a splatter of oil!
Never eat a microwave-heated dish where some part of food is still cold because this plate cover promotes uniform cooking!
Designed with steam vents on the top which allows the food to heat evenly!
Kills bacteria in your food with trapped moist heat inside!
This amazing Microwave Plate Cover will keep your food from drying out by holding in necessary moisture inside!
Heat-Resistant That Can Withstand Up To 200°C!
Heat-resistant that can withstand up to 200°C!
Product Specifications:
Material: PC
Size: 26.5cm x 26.5cm x 9.5cm
Handle Color: White
Weight: 8.1 ounces
Package Include:
1 x Microwave Plate Cover
It comes with an anti-scalding handle that makes it easier to slide in and off the plate!
Make cleaning a lot easier with this incredible Microwave Plate Cover that will contain only the food splatter and stain that is easy to clean!
Keeps Your Microwave Clean!
Keeps your microwave clean from all the food splatter and stain!
The plastic is transparent and visible, making it easier for you to check the doneness of your food!
Firm and fall-resistant that is built to last!
This oil-proof microwaveable lid is suitable to cover your cooked food, leftovers and keeps your fruit, vegetable fresh!
Made of BPA-free material that is food-safe and dishwasher-safe!
Get an evenly heated food with this mess-free Microwave Plate Cover now!

  • $5.29Product cost
  • $15.29Suggested selling price
  • $10Profit margin
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