Magnetic Charging Cable

The Cable That Doesn’t Tangle
Introducing the ONLY charging cable in the world that doesn’t tangle — it’s also super easy to use and works absolutely anywhere!

Stay Organized – The Magnetic Charging Cable frees space on desks and countertops with its magnetic compactable design, keeping your spaces clean and organized.

Easily Extendable – Short or long, the FlashWires™ length is perfect for every occasion. Simply extend the Magnetic Charging Cable for full length (3ft) or coil it to save space — the choice is yours.

Hide It Away – Coil theMagnetic Charging Cable so it’s neatly tucked away for next times use. No more dangling wires.

Easy To Store – Unlike regular cables that are messy to store within desks and drawers, the Magnetic Charging Cable is easy and neat to store. No more cluttered drawers!

Pack In A Flash – Packing up your Magnetic Charging Cable is quick and effortless. Best of all, when you reach inside to grab your Magnetic Charging Cable, they will never be tangled!

For Every Device – Don’t worry, we’ve configured the Magnetic Charging Cable to fit both Apple and Android so you won’t feel left out. Organize all your devices!

Fun To Fiddle – The Magnetic Charging Cable is addicting to fiddle with. We simply couldn’t put it down, and we don’t think you could either! Well, unless you’re charging your device.

Built To Last – We’ve tested a variety of different cables and materials in order to produce a durable cable that lasts 3x longer than other cables. You won’t need to buy another charging wire for years.

  • $3.99Product cost
  • $18.99Suggested selling price
  • $15.00Profit margin
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