Magic Wrist Tool

ut Your D.I.Y Time In HALF and NEVER Drop A Screw AGAIN!
STILL going back and forth to get your screws? Or holding the next one in your mouth? Or Digging around for them in your pocket? We’ve all done it!

But that is a thing of the PAST with this HandsFREE® Magic Wrist Tool

NEVER lose or drop screws AGAIN. NO more headaches and SAVE time with this EASY and SIMPLE tool

Its full of 10 STRONG magnets that can HOLD screws, bolts, nuts, washers, drill bits, tools and more ALL around the ENTIRE WRIST.

Keeps your HANDS FREE and focused on the job in hand. PERFECT for anyone due to its ADJUSTABLE SIZE.

A MUST HAVE item for your toolbox. NO job will ever be the same

  • $3.47Product cost
  • $19.99Suggested selling price
  • $16.52Profit margin
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