Macro Filter Accessory Close-up Lens Filter

THE PERFECT CAMERA ACCESSORY FOR ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS! The Macro Filter Attachments offer new creative possibilities with a whole new setup. The set consists of +1, +2, +4 & +10 diopters to give you options on how much you want to zoom. Close-up filters screw onto the front of your lens and work just like putting a magnifying glass in front of your camera. The Macro Filters Set works well with both traditional & digital cameras and is a great, affordable alternative to more expensive lens options. EASILY SCREWS ONTO ALL LENS MODELS Easily fits on all camera lens models. Multiple filters can be stacked onto each other to enhance results. Just screw the lens to the front of your camera and you’re ready to shoot! HIGH-DEFINITION OPTICAL GLASS Our Macro Filter Attachment Set is made with high-definition optical glass to ensure you capture every detail. Made with a high-quality aluminum frame our lens set is made to be durable. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL CAMERAS It offers a wide range of sizes from 37mm to 82mm. Make sure you check your camera first before placing your order.

  • $4.44Product cost
  • $34.94Suggested selling price
  • $30.50Profit margin
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