Laser Guided Scissors

Do you hate that you can never cut a straight line with regular scissors? We have the answer!
These unique, high-quality laser guided scissors give you an absolutely straight guide line to cut along.

Cut with expert precision with the cutting edge in sharing technology.

Introducing the Laser Scissors.

These scissors have a laser guided sensor on top to guide you and ensure you always cut in a straight line.

The perfect solution to those wonky lines.

The scissors are right handed and use 3 LR44 batteries
– Two adjustment screws allow you to aim the laser light perfectly where you want it.
– Great for sewing, craft projects and wrapping gifts.
– Scissors measure 8-1/2″ x 3″ and batteries are include

  • $5.58Product cost
  • $14.99Suggested selling price
  • $9.41Profit margin
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