Inflatable Dinosaur

Whether a Halloween lover or overall costume fanatic, the Inflatable Dinosaur will be a fascinating crowd-favorite. Created with all ages in mind, this illusionary costume is user-friendly with a convenient interior attachment and pocket for the fan and battery pack.
Fun, Playful Illusion
Looking for a costume that makes people do a double-take? Turn heads with the illusionary Inflatable Dinosaur. This incredible costume creates the appearance of you riding on the back of a dinosaur with a matching camo hat.
Easy Inflation
While people will wonder how your Inflatable Dinosaur works, the answer will be simple! An interior fan keeps the costume inflated discreetly, powered by either the included 4 AA battery pack (batteries not included) or your portable power bank. Store power source inside costume pocket.
Durable Design
No ruined costumes here. The Inflatable Dinosaur is made with waterproof polyester to keep you dry. A costume you can wear time and time again, the durable design also resists rips and tears for never-ending Dino fun!

  • $19.65Product cost
  • $49.99Suggested selling price
  • $30.34Profit margin
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