High Pressure Self-priming Electric Car Wash

Clean your car like a professional! You can actually save a lot of energy and time if you have the right car wash tool at home. Introducing the High Pressure Car Washer, the mini and portable car washer, specially designed for household DIY car wash.
Powered using the car cigarette lighter socket, the High Pressure Car Washer provides up to 0.5Mpa pressure and it comes with over-current protection. By ensuring your safety, the fuse will break when the current surpassed 15A. Ideal for washing car, bike, window, pet or watering plant
– Cigarette lighter power supply, convenient to use
– High pressure pump driven by permanent magnet motor
– High-quality coppery power cord, safe and reliable
– 6m outlet water pipe, easily cover the most needs
– Stainless steel filter, effectively block unwanted impurities and durable to use
– Multiple usages, it can also be used for household cleaning and irrigation
– Convenient to carry, you can use it whenever there’s water.
– 5 spraying modes meeting your different requirement.

– Voltage: DC 12V
– Current: 3A
– Pressure: 0.5Mpa
– Flow: 3.5L / min
– Outlet water pipe: 6m
– Inlet water pipe: 1.2m
– Power cord: 3m

  • $42.07Product cost
  • $89.99Suggested selling price
  • $47.92Profit margin
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