Happy ABC Soft Cards

Start learning the alphabet and words
Give your child a head start in literacy! The letters and illustrations on the 26 soft cards are a fun first step in learning how to read, spell and pronounce the alphabet and words.
Waterproof & machine washable
All materials are 100% waterproof and machine washable.
Normal flash cards can easily be ripped, these soft cards are sturdy and durable. Children can throw or rip them without hurting themselves or the cards.
Soft & colorful
The material is soft and the designs have vivid colors with cute illustrations. One side has a letter, the other side has a corresponding illustration and word that starts with that letter. Perfectly sized for children’s hands.
Easy to store & portable
The package comes with 26 soft cards and a nice little carrying case to store them at home. This also makes it a perfect take-along toy for in the car or on trips.

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  • $25.95Suggested selling price
  • $16.62Profit margin
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