Hairdressing Applicator Brush

Want a salon quality hair color right at the comfort of your home?

You can with the Hairdressing Applicator Brush a professional quality dye application brush. No need to break the bank with expensive hair dye services, with the Hairdressing Applicator Brush, just buy your favorite hair color, mix, and apply, all in the comfort of your home!


The Hairdressing Applicator Brush is made of a high-quality plastic material
Easy grip design for easy dye application
Wide board design for no-mess and easy hair color application
Ideal for home and professional use
Comes in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Package includes: 1 Hairdressing Applicator Brush
With the Hairdressing Applicator Brush, you can do a wide variety of application, do color touch-ups and other hair treatments.

What are you waiting for purchase your Hairdressing Applicator Brush, now!


1. Load your brush up with your dye of choice.

2. To dye all of your hair, take a section of hair at the bottom of your head. Next, hold the brush against your roots and gently drag the combed end down, getting the dye onto your strands.

3. Work your way up to the top of your head, section by section. To color correct or experiment, choose sections of hair to apply dye to and repeat the process.

  • $1.77Product cost
  • $19.99Suggested selling price
  • $18.22Profit margin
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