GripGo™ Phone Mount

The most versatile hands-free mount that instantly any phone for safe driving! Just attache the suction cup to your windshield or dashboard without any adhesives or tools necessary and GripGo Phone Mount grabs any phone ultra fast.

Universal – works with any phone
Hands-free visibility
Variety of mounting options
Adhesive-free pad leaves no residue
GripGo Phone Mount

The 360 pivoting mount allows you to get the perfect viewing angle and even strong enough to hold any phone model and when you’re done it easily peels right off plus there’s no sticky residue left behind when removing your phone. The polymer surface of the GripGo Phone Mount works like a million tiny suction cups and does not contain an adhesives. The microscopic suction cups will hold your cell phone in place while you are driving and you won’t have to worry about your phone falling off.

The secret of GripGo Phone Mount is the unique special patent pending polymer surface which will grab and hold onto any phone that is pressed against it!

Can easily be cleaned with a quick rinse with water and the GripGo Phone Mount performs like new!

  • $4.40Product cost
  • $24.95Suggested selling price
  • $20.55Profit margin
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