Glowing LED Call Flash Glass Case

Cool Incoming call LED Flashing Design, the back covers will light up and flash when your phone coming to the message, phone call or unlock, never worry about failing to find your cell phone with the case on when others call you.

Main Features
Exclusive to You
Protect your phone from scratches, bumps, vibrations, and other elements in daily use and allow easy access to all essential ports and buttons with precise cutouts.
Intelligent Lighting
When you call, the back of the phone lights up brightly, it’s cool and makes you different. Incoming calls, information reminders, APP push reminders, follow the screen to shine together.

Restore Original Beauty
The back cover will flashlight When you phone coming to the message, phone call, or unlock. never worry about failing to find your cell phone with the case on when others call you.
Protect Yet Flashing
Combining transparent look with creative cool flash led designs, the unique cover looks stylish and elegant, making your phones eye-catching and attractive.

Principle of Illumination
1. The phone case connector is inserted into the mobile phone for the first time, and it is 3-5 minutes long.
2. Light up the screen/call/APP push, etc., the phone case will automatically light.
3. If there is an app running in the background, it will delay the light and occasionally trigger the light.
4. If the mobile phone Bluetooth is normally open, the mobile phone case may be always bright, the ultra-energy-saving led light source, the power consumption is extremely low, and the mobile phone life is not affected.

  • $8.17Product cost
  • $24.95Suggested selling price
  • $16.78Profit margin
Available info:

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