Ergonomic Footrest Pillow

The cross section of the Simplex foot pillow is like a cloud, which can effectively provide enough supporting power for your foot, reduce the fatigue, letting you kick off the shoes and enjoy a therapeutic massage feeling.
When turned over the foot pillow, it acts as a rocker to achieve a rocking motion, provide relaxing elevation for your feet and legs after work, keep your feet moving all day long.
Side handle design
The side handle design makes the feet cushion convenient to carry out, not occupying much storage space.
Breathable mesh fabric
The feet cushion adopts breathable mesh fabric, comfortable to use, especially in hot summer, practical and convenient.
High elasticity sponge
The high elasticity sponge design is humanized and not easy to deformed, owning good massage function and long using life span.
Anti-slipping bottom
The bottom dot pattern design can effectively prevent the sleeping problem, practical and convenient.
the multi-use cushion supports to more areas of body, such as lower back, knees, our cloud shape pillow is the perfect size for use as a positioning pillow for lumbar or neck support at your desk or in your car.
Easy clean
The removable firm zipper of the simplex foot pillow for easy removal and washing.

  • $10.97Product cost
  • $27.97Suggested selling price
  • $17.00Profit margin
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