Eco-Aquarium Water Purifier Cube

See Your Fishes Thrive In A Clear & Healthy Aquarium!

Changing cloudy aquarium water can be troublesome but an unclean aquarium is harmful to your pet fish. Maintain the sanitation of your pet’s habitat with the help of this Eco-Aquarium Water Purifier Cube.

Your beautiful water companions make you feel calm and relaxed after a long day at work. Thus, they deserve all the cleanliness they can get in the tank they live in. This Eco-Aquarium Water Purifier Cube is all you’ll ever need.


Honeycombed Ultra-Absorption Activated Carbon Block
Solid composition, no powder, no impurities, does not cause black water.
Say goodbye to the trouble of constantly changing cloudy aquarium water.
Ultra Strong Filtration & Absorption
Filters and absorbs any dirt, bacteria or chemical that may be harmful to the health of your pet fishes.
The adsorbed material is firmly controlled and oxidized to improve the filtration efficiency while extending the service life of the cube.
Significantly decreases the death rate of aquarium pets. Their health improves in the process due to cleaner water.
Absorbs tannins and phenols…
Prevents tank and water odor.
Avoids the water from getting murky.
Maintains the water’s PH level as well as the overall cleanliness.
Easy to Use — Simply put it in the tank!
100% Safe & Reusable
Just wash it with soap and warm water, and then you can put it back in the tank again.


Wash the cube with warm water and soap before using it.
The recommended placement is near the water inlet of the fish tank pump.
Do not position the grid filter downward, otherwise, it will clog up and affect the filtration effect.
For best results, rinse or replace the filter every 3 to 6 months.

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