Earring Lifters for Stretched Earlobes / 2 pair

Comfortable — Easy to wear,instantly lift earring backs,piercing ear lobe back lift and not cause to cause any irritation, comfortable at all times

Safety — hypoallergenic and non-irritating, and will not cause any rashes or skin irritations when worn. Moreover, the earring lifters are easily adjustable, so they can comfortably and securely hold your earrings in place

Multi-functional — Helps with bad piercings, stretched lobes and heavy earrings.They designed to lift and support earrings so they’ll rest securely against your ears without drooping and fits all post earrings

Material — Silver-plated and gold-plated copper base, very lightweight, will not increase any burden, will not rust.Pack includes 9 pairs of earring lifts and 45 pairs of earring bullets backs

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Made of the highest quality materials to ensure extended durability, you will love just how useful our earring lifters are and how great your earrings will look

  • $1.04Product cost
  • $24.99Suggested selling price
  • $23.95Profit margin
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