Drill Punch Locator Ruller Tool

This Tool Removes The Guesswork From Drilling Holes!
Are you one of the hundreds of frustrated woodworkers that hate guessing and measuring where to place their holes?
Quickly identify where to drill your holes with this Drill Measuring Ruler Tool!
This convenient bilateral ruler will help you measure the exact distance and spacing on where you should drill your holes.
It comes with three adjustable guides to help you mark your holes and drill through them!
It’s a quick and easy way to help you align your holes!
Accurately identify the right location to drill your holes in with the Drill Measuring Ruler Tool!
Made With Durable ABS Plastic And Stainless Steel!
Made with durable ABS plastic and stainless steel.
Product Specifications:
Slider Material: ABS
Pin Size: Approx. 5mm
Drill Sleeve: ABS
Package Contents:
8x Cake Decor Piping Tips
It’s an efficient way to quickly locate where to drill your holes.
Perfectly position your holes when installing handles, mounting brackets, and more with the Drill Measuring Ruler Tool!
Save Time And Make Fewer Mistakes!
Save time and make fewer mistakes!
This ruler lets you speed up the time it takes to measure your holes as you can instantly mark and drill the holes while you measure.
It uses a longitudinal and lateral measuring mechanism that lets you pinpoint the location of where to drill!
It’s ideal for drilling holes for cabinet handles, pulls, knobs, mounting brackets, frames and so much more.
It’s efficiently accurate at getting you the right measurements for your holes.
Increase your productivity and cut down on the guesswork with the Drill Measuring Ruler Tool now!

  • $11.79Product cost
  • $29.79Suggested selling price
  • $18Profit margin
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