Dog Water Fountain

Your dog will spend hours playing this before you take it away This is the best thing you can buy for your dog in a very long time! They understand how to use it very quickly. Water comes out not too hard and not too soft. Very well made and the toy is very durable. This is a must need for this summer! the dog toy that won’t break easily The materials used is very sturdy and thick to avoid the frustration of buying your dog a new toy and worry about its condition after 2 hours of play. It is resistive even for the big dogs such as German Shepherd, English Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Saint Bernard, Shepherd of the Caucasus. The water fountain is 100% chew-proof. Keeps your dog happy and avoids boredom Encourage your dog to drink water Makes them spend energy on their own Best way to keep your dog busy Easy to set up Setting up our doggie water fountain outside requires absolutely no specialized skill. Every purchase comes with a bonus: A 2-way Y hose connector that enables you to use the fountain simultaneously with an existing hose you might be using already. The control valve on the yellow splitter enables you to control the height of the water coming out of the fountain. Package included: 1×Dog water fountain 1× User guide 1× Adapter hose

  • $36.71Product cost
  • $79.98Suggested selling price
  • $43.27Profit margin
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