DIY Easy Facial Threader Hair Remover

Looking for a DIY fix for those pesky facial hairs but hate shaving? Look no further! The DIY Easy Facial Threader is a high-quality facial care tool that will solve all your facial hair woes! Removing facial hair without damaging the skin, our DIY Easy Facial Threader removes the unwanted hair up to their deep roots. It is the latest innovation of 2017 that every woman wants to have her hands on!

Easy to use and clean
Does not irritate skin
The DIY Easy Facial Threader is a hypoallergenic tool which is suitable for all skin types and people. It is SO easy and quick to use, everybody can do it. Since it also removes hair from the root, the hair regrowth is extremely slow. It is inspired and created by the basic principles of threading but significantly more convenient.

  • $1.84Product cost
  • $17.95Suggested selling price
  • $16.21Profit margin
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