Dessert Decorating Pencil Spoon

Take a decorating spoon and turn your tray into an EDIBLE CANVAS!

Dessert Decorating Pencil Spoon help decorate your dishes with wonderful lines, shapes, and patterns with liquid coloring chocolates, sauces, caramel, desserts or even balsamic vinegar.
You will love this unique presentation by enhancing the taste of food and visual experience. With a simple gesture, you can also become the artist of your dishes. Decorate your masterpieces like a great chef now!

DIY different lines and patterns for decorating cakes, plates, and any food to make your dishes more artistic. You can obtain solid & clearly separated lines, overlay colored lines or combine straight/ dotted lines
Food grade Stainless Steel material: non-toxic and durable
Exquisite Pencil Filter: Exquisite curve, soft and comfortable grip
Easy to use: Simply slide across plates to draw patterns. You can easily control the number of sauces manually
Easy to clean: Dishwasher and hand wash safe
Perfect to work with dessert sauce, fruit sauce, coulis, caramel, chocolate, cream sauce, salad dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, hollandaise sauce, gravy and so on

  • $2.99Product cost
  • $19.99Suggested selling price
  • $17.00Profit margin
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