Corn Germicidal Bulb

Convenient and effective: Ultraviolet germicidal lamp has 99% antibac-terial rate and no dead angle of 360 °. It can purify the air and effectively improved your living environment. Widely suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, school, hospital, hotel and so on.

Timed Remote Control: The germicidal light uses ultraviolet radiation. The powerful 60 watt UVC lamp effectively covers up to 600 square feet. You can control the light by remote control and set time, more safe and convenient.(WARM TIPS: When this lamp working, eyes and skin can’t exposed to the UVC light !!! Please leave the room, and turn off the bulb before you approaching room.)

Easy to Installation: The 60W UV Germicidal Lamp can work at any regular E27 socket, just screw in like a bulb,no cable needed. Remote Control Timer Allows you to No need exposure to light, Thus reducing light damage to the skin.

Warm Tips:When this UVC Light Bulb lights up, it will immediately have a special smell, that means it worked, this special smell comes from burnt harmful smalls by the UVC ray, just like the sun of the summer . Note: UV-C lights are not toys! Please never leave people, animals and plants in the room while the UV Germicidal Lamp is working!

  • $32.98Product cost
  • $49.98Suggested selling price
  • $17.00Profit margin
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